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SIR GENTLEMAN DRIVER était présent fin août 2017 à Pebble Beach en Californie pour le fameux concours d’élégance, et la fantastique vente aux enchères automobile annuelle organisée par SOTHEBY’S.

Reportage Auto Moto / Tour de Corse 10.000 virages / Essai Audi R8 V10

L’essai de l’Audi R8 V10 RWS lors du Tour de Corse - 10.000 Virages par le journaliste Nicolas Heidet, aidé du célèbre pilote de Rallye Bruno Saby, tous deux habillés en polo Sir Gentleman Driver.

Tour de Corse 10.000 virages (26 minutes sur l’Equipe 21)

Sir Gentleman Driver était l'habilleur officiel du Tour de Corse - 10.000 Virages 2018 qui s'est déroulé du 5 au 8 avril 2018.

Bruno Saby, ambassadeur du Tour de Corse 10.000 virages 2018

Ce grand pilote français de Rallye sera à jamais associé à la Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 avec laquelle il a gagné le fameux Rallye du Tour de Corse 1986…

26 minutes sur le Tour de Corse 10 000 virages

Sir Gentleman Driver était l'habilleur officiel du Tour de Corse - 10.000 Virages 2018 qui s'est déroulé du 5 au 8 avril dernier. La chaine « L'Equipe 21 » a réalisé un très beau reportage résumant parfaitement, en 26 minutes, le Tour de Corse 10 000 virages 2018.

Résultats du concours 6 cockpits mythiques

Merci aux nombreux candidats qui ont « joué le jeu » ! Les bonnes réponses étaient :

Photos du tour de Corse « 10 000 virages »

Photos du tour de Corse « 10 000 virages »

Sir Gentleman Driver, habilleur officiel du tour de Corse « 10 000 vitrages »

Exclusivité, élégance, sportivité, convivialité… La tour de Corse 2018 « 10 000 virages »

Incredible Ferrari show at the London DESIGN MUSEUM!

Sir Gentleman Driver traveled to the Design Museum in London to share with you this fabulous exhibition dedicated to the Italian brand, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year: "Ferrari: Under The Skin".

Geneva International Motor Show

It's the las day of the Geneva International Motor Show, and we wanted to show you some of the most beautiful, the most sporty and the most powerful cars that we saw: McLaren Senna, Ferrari 488 Pista, The Chinese Techrules, ItalDesign, Pininfarina H2 Speed, Hennessey, Pagani Zonda Barchetta, Koenigsegg Regera, Rimax, Brabus, Carbelatti 1800hp, Porsche and many, many more...Some of these will become a thing of legend!

Profession: racing driver, according to Jean-Pierre Beltoise

In october 19, 1966 Jean-Pierre Beltoise (1937-2015) dominates formula 2 championship with a Matra car and hopes the launch of Matra in Formula 1 (that will happen in 1967). In this archive extract of the INA (which we invite you to find in its entirety on, he talks with simplicity and clairvoyance about the qualities of a racing driver: skill and passion with a dose of reason to balan

SGD at the Geneva Motor Show from 8 to 18 March 2018

Sir Gentleman Driver sera présent le week-end prochain sur le Salon de Genève pour vous faire découvrir les nouveautés 2018… Et notamment les Concept Car comme la McLaren Senna GTR Concept (en hommage au mythique pilote de F1) et son V8 biturbo de 800ch, ou encore la fabuleuse APOLLO IE et son V12 de 780ch… ou l’Hypercar comme la H2 Speed Hydrogen de 500ch de Pininfarina…

Umbi from the REEVOX group in SGD jacket

The 1st title of Umbi, the leader of REEVOX, was released in 2014: it was "Can you trust me" ( "My place in the sun" ( ) was released in 2016. It's a "planning" electro-pop music to listen in a beautiful car ... Currently shooting his next clip in the Paris region (planned release in the spring), it's a warm place that he needs, that's why he chose our Doudou


Yesterday august 30, 2017 was presented what could be the new Ferrari 288 GTO in 2020, on the initiative of a South African designer Matthew PARSONS. As a reminder, the mythical Ferrari 288 GTO was produced between 1984 and 1985 with only 272 specimens, and its version “Evoluzione”, had served as the basis of development for the F40.

2017 Goodwood Speed Festival

This is the annual rendez-vous of classic car enthusiasts and sir gentleman driver is obviously present this weekend on the circuit in West Sussex, South of England.It is a beautiful circuit built in 1948 around the air base that hosted the raf during the war, and then official racing competitions until 1966. Since 1998, he has been hosting a huge rally of classic cars, races, auction auctions, car and classic aircraft (Spitfire, Lockheed P 38,

Operation VALKYRIE at Aston Martin

Born from the Red Bull F1 association (with its famous Technical Director Adrian Newey) with Aston Martin, VALKYRIE was designed for the ultimate performance and takes part of the hybrid and aero technology of the F1 Red Bull team. This Supercar is indeed equipped with a powerful V12 hybrid engine of 6.5 liters, coupled therefore to an electric motor to give it a total power of 1000 hp! With a weight / power ratio of 1, it would reach 0 to 100km


Porsche has produced a million 911! The specimen with which the manufacturer passed this milestone on May 11, 2017, assembled in Zuffenhausen like all the previous ones, was customized by Porsche Exclusive to pay tribute to the first 911 of 1963. This is a Carrera S coupe with 450 hp kit and manual gearbox, adorned with the "Irish Green" shade of the beginnings.

BUGATTI : from Louis to Bugatti

For some, the youngest of us, CHIRON evokes the name of the last BUGATTI: this Supercar released at the end of 2016, sold at 500 copies at nearly 2.5M €, is equipped with a W16 engine (2 blocks V8 to 90 °) of 1,500 hp capable of propelling the machine at 420 km / h. Its weight / power ratio is 1.3 kg / hp and its torque to weight ratio is 802 Nm / T. The 0-100km / h is reached in just 2.5 seconds and last September the driver Juan Pablo Montoya b


Voici quelques conseils pour bien choisir et bien porter sa veste: - Une bonne taille : fermer le bouton, votre veste doit pouvoir se décoller de 2cm de votre ventre - Pas d’ouverture des plis en forme de « moustaches de chat » en bas du dos - La veste doit s’arrêter au milieu de la main lorsque le bras est tendu le long du corps - Le revers de la veste doit mesurer 7 ou 8 cm - Les manches doivent être étroites mais pas au point de couper le

The Circuit of the Americas in Austin

The circuit of the Americas has been hosting the US Grand Prix since 2012 as part of the Formula One World Championship. This is the first circuit specially built in the United States to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix. The layout of the circuit was designed by Tavo Hellmund, the initiator of the project, assisted by German architect Hermann Tilke (5,515 meters, with 20 turns in the colors of the American flag).

An very rare Italian car for the Gentleman Driver: the MASERATI A6GCS / 53 PININFARINA BERLINETTA

Towards the end of the 40s, Maserati, which had only realized cars for racing, tries to launch the production of "road" cars. It was at this time that the study of the famous model A6 was undertaken, which, apart from the road version, would include a sport version (A6GCS) and even a single-seater version intended for competition (A6GCM).

A party with private sales opportunities that lived up to all expectations!

A chic feel, glamorous and warmly decorated, cool music, little nibbles, the exclusive guests and an avalanche of promotions...last Thursday was our exclusive private part in our boutique at rue du Four in Paris.

PORSCHE + SINGER + WILLIAMS: what do you think?

Born only 8 years ago thanks to Rob Dickinson, Singer Vehicle Design has managed to quickly make a name for itself among Porsche collectors. The Californian preparer is specialized in the restoration of models produced between 1989 and 1994.

Do you know René Bonnet and his famous Cars?

René Bonnet (1904-1983) was a French engineer and racing driver who founded in 1947 the DB brand (for Deutsch-Bonnet, a racing car brand). In 1961 he created his own brand ‘Automobiles René Bonnet’ and took over the "DB Le Mans" based on mechanical Renault Estafette.
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